Mommy Isn't Feeling Well Motherhood and Chronic Illness Mon, 22 Jan 2018 00:52:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Entity Magazine – #womenthatdo Mon, 22 Jan 2018 00:45:33 +0000 How Chronic Illness Empowers Me to Support Moms Everywhere Wow, another AMAZING opportunity!! Recently, I was able to share my story, the very reason for inspiring others! My story was published on a social media platform called Entity Magazine – supporting #womenthatdo! Entity Magazine captures stories of women who are trying to inspire, educate, and motivate other women, accomplishing BIG things! Beyond humbled to be given the chance to get this story published! I want to let MORE women know that they are not alone in the journey of motherhood with a chronic illness! Thank you so much for this opportunity Entity Magazine! Check out my post on their website below: How Chronic Illness Empowers Me to Support Moms Everywhere

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The Mighty – Chronic Illness Community Mon, 22 Jan 2018 00:22:20 +0000 The Mighty BEYOND thrilled to have been selected as a contributor on the @themightysite 🙌🏼❤️. My goal when I started this journey was to reach as many other mamas out there struggling with similar situations. More often than not – just knowing that YOU – are – NOT – alone – is really HALF the battle with any struggle! When I was at my worst, dealing with debilitating bed-bound fatigue, I had little strength to get through my day in one piece, let alone fight the horrific invisible illness stigma that so many of us have to deal with. If your closest friends and family can’t, or don’t want to understand your situation…who will?! I know I am lucky to have had friends who stuck through my thick and thin. And I am even more lucky to have my partner who did as well! Check out the link below: What It’s Like to Be Married to Someone With Chronic Illness

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What is it like to be married to someone with a chronic illness? Thu, 10 Aug 2017 04:47:40 +0000 Before I excite you about how awesome it is for my husband to be married to someone with a chronic illness, let me paint a lovely (insert sarcastic voice) picture for you… Freshly engaged, with marriage on the horizon, I wanted to revisit my old diagnosis, and check with a doctor about pregnancy. “Autoimmune diseases usually suppress themselves with pregnancy, and since you are supposed to be in remission, you should be fine”, my neurologist said. Little did we know that my body wasn’t necessarily in remission (story for another time), and that I would go into a physical flare after my first pregnancy, and even worse, a physical crisis after my second. Back-to-back pregnancies were detrimental for my body. A year into the life of our first child, I knew the physical struggles I was experiencing were more than just sleep deprivation. In the months following our second child’s birth, my physical struggles began to take over. The weight on my already thin body started to fall off. I dropped from a healthy 120lbs (pre-children) down to 95lbs. My hair started to fall out in clumps, “chemotherapy size clumps”, as one doctor described it. I could see a heart […]

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Kids Fit Matters Mon, 21 Nov 2016 16:52:30 +0000 Kids Fit Matters Did you know that October was National Bullying Prevention Month? Unfortunately, in lieu of recent events, it seems as though bullying has reached an epidemic. It is taking over our national stage. Have you ever experienced a form of bullying, or even just criticism in relation to your chronic illness? Did you experience this as a child, or as an adult? For myself, I experienced being bullied as a child. I was called anorexic for being too skinny. Although unbearable, hurtful and shaming, I grew to ignore it. As an adult, I have experienced bullying in the form of criticism. Because I look healthy on the outside, people have questioned the very illness debilitating my life. This includes everything from firsthand eye-rolling, to people talking behind my back! And while also unbearable and hurtful, I have learned to keep those people at an arms length. I have also learned that some people just lack empathy, but some people actually thrive on being a bully. Those who are the latter, are not worth my time, and nor should they be worth your time. Just like stress, those bullies can also exasperate chronic illness, so my advice is to stay away. Ignore. And stay far away. What have you done to combat […]

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Maxed Out After Having Children Mon, 21 Nov 2016 16:51:41 +0000 Did having children set your chronic condition, or illness over the edge, and into a flare? I spoke to a fellow mommy recently, who also isn’t feeling well, and we both had this same feeling…we knew our physical limitations before children. But it wasn’t until AFTER children, that we physically maxed out. In my twenties, and before children, I knew full well that I was battling physical limitations. But since my disease was supposed to be in remission, I powered through severe bouts of fatigue, black outs, double vision, headaches, an inability to hear well out of both ears, difficulty taking deep breaths, tremors, muscle weakness, digestive issues, and exercise intolerance. However, in my twenties, I was only responsible for the physical implications of taking care of myself. I would go to work, mask my symptoms, and come home to rest on the couch. Go out with friends, mask my symptoms, and rest in bed until noon on the weekends. With no children to take care of, I always had room to rest when I pushed my body too far physically. And then pregnancy came. My body handled things pretty well until I was put on bed rest. After I delivered my first […]

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Environmental Working Group Tue, 11 Oct 2016 00:14:42 +0000 A dear friend of mine, who has been struggling with a decade of symptoms from a now diagnosed case of lupus, who also happens to be in her first year of medical school, sends me the latest and greatest research, articles, and new fresh informational ideas for anything health and medical related. The latest she sent me is about an organization called the Environmental Working Group. Which just so happens to be the coolest, most useful website I have come across in my dozen or so years of internet searching for healthy information. And I’ll tell you what. For someone who adheres to mostly gluten free, dairy free, while closely following an autoimmune anti-inflammatory diet, who also consulted with both naturopathic and eastern doctors to use holistic approaches like acupuncture and many others, while also relying on some pharmaceuticals to keep me physically upright —- I wholeheartedly rely on good research, and trust products such as those mentioned on their website, because I trust the products have been vigorously tested to be considered “safe” for both myself and my family. Because our family is plagued with chronic illnesses, it is extremely important for our family to use products that are healthy for our bodies! To give you […]

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Postpartum Blues Mon, 10 Oct 2016 18:47:41 +0000 Since I have launched this website and blog, I have had many positive responses from other mothers, all who have been terribly grateful that they are not alone on this journey. Not surprising, many of the moms struggle with a myriad of chronic illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis, endometriosis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, chronic fatigue and others. Can you imagine the compounding effects of running around with babies, toddlers and/or children while struggling to grasp your own breath – or having to rest, ice and massage your inflamed, stiff and very painful joints? I can. Because I have dealt with decades of chronic fatigue on a daily basis. If you are reading this, I hope that you can relate in your own manner as well. Even if you do not suffer from a chronic illness, or an invisible condition, you most probably have been sick many times throughout your journey of motherhood. Now imagine waking up feeling flu-like symptoms 365 days of the year. This is what chronic fatigue has been compared to. Now imagine being a mother in a constant flu-like state, all while keeping up with the journey of not just motherhood, but with work, your friends and your family…this is unfortunately what […]

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Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus – Part 2 Wed, 17 Aug 2016 19:58:41 +0000 10 Tips for Parents Living with a Chronic Illness by Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus I am excited and THRILLED to share that I recently had the privilege to partner with Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus! They are a wonderful organization dedicated to supporting people not only living with lupus, but a myriad of other autoimmune diseases. Together, we teamed up to revamp an older article of theirs, “10 Tips for Parents Living with a Chronic Illness”  — because we BOTH understand how difficult it is to be parent with a chronic illness! Their article also coincides with my most recent blog post “Ten Things to Never Say to a Mother with a Chronic Illness”, whereas Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus goes even further to provide ten thorough and very supportive tips for parents with a chronic illness. I think as parents with, and even without physical limitations, we can ALL share these VERY practical applications! What do you think?! Please take a look at their article and let me know if there anything else you would add in terms of tips for parents/mothers with a chronic illness? Do you think these tips could be supportive for MOST chronic and invisible conditions? Would you consider sharing this article and any of Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus tips with your community!?

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Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well Launch! Tue, 26 Jul 2016 18:14:18 +0000 Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well Website and Blog: Are you a mommy who isn’t feeling well? Parenting is hard enough for a healthy person, but even harder for someone struggling with the compounding effects of chronic illness. My goal is to let you know that you are NOT alone! Please join me on this long-awaited journey – launching my new website and blog, Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well! Sign up for my monthly Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well newsletter today!

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Ten Things to Never Say to a Mother with a Chronic Illness Tue, 19 Jul 2016 05:41:01 +0000 Are you a mother with a chronic illness? If yes, then you understand that our body struggles with physical limitations that ebb and flow. If you are struggling with symptoms of a chronic illness, then you are inevitably going to have good days mixed in with bad days. Unfortunately, that is the nature of a chronic illness. Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that there are MANY things you should never say to someone struggling with a chronic illness, in particular to a sleep deprived, physically exhausted, mentally despaired, frazzled new mother, who is also suffering from the compounding effects of a chronic illness… Here are a few suggestions for what NOT to say to a mother with a chronic illness: “I am just as tired as you are.” “You don’t look sick!” “You MUST be feeling better because I see you are running around with the kids.” “Have you tried holistic treatment?” “Have you tried going gluten free? Dairy free? What about trying vitamins?” “Why can’t you bring the kids over to see me/us?” This coincides with 6. “Why can’t you do ‘x’ activity with us today – since you did ‘y’ activity with them yesterday!?” “I hope you get well soon.” “You look great!” “Thank goodness it’s not cancer.” […]

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