Kids Fit Matters

Kids Fit Matters

Did you know that October was National Bullying Prevention Month? Unfortunately, in lieu of recent events, it seems as though bullying has reached an epidemic. It is taking over our national stage.

Have you ever experienced a form of bullying, or even just criticism in relation to your chronic illness? Did you experience this as a child, or as an adult? For myself, I experienced being bullied as a child. I was called anorexic for being too skinny. Although unbearable, hurtful and shaming, I grew to ignore it. As an adult, I have experienced bullying in the form of criticism. Because I look healthy on the outside, people have questioned the very illness debilitating my life. This includes everything from firsthand eye-rolling, to people talking behind my back! And while also unbearable and hurtful, I have learned to keep those people at an arms length.

I have also learned that some people just lack empathy, but some people actually thrive on being a bully. Those who are the latter, are not worth my time, and nor should they be worth your time. Just like stress, those bullies can also exasperate chronic illness, so my advice is to stay away. Ignore. And stay far away.

What have you done to combat a bullying situation? Have you ever wanted to understand more about bullying, and how you can get support? For yourself or for your children?

One of the cool things about having a website and blog, is that I continue to get information passed along with great resources. Kids Fit Matters is a handy website, that has a variety of resources, including recent topics on bullying. Their website is a one-stop shop for all things family-related, and has a variety of resources for mothers and parents, on everything you need for your family to live a healthy life! They have resources for different types of exercises based on the ages of your children, nutritional solutions for healthy eating, recipe suggestions, and dietary needs, self esteem resources for anything ranging from mental illness to bullying, and my favorite….a whole section dedicated to providing you with really cool applications for managing health records, kids schedules and finding babysitters!

Check it out and let me know what you think!?


By mommyisntfeelingwell

Mommy has been battling chronic illness for most of her life and has always struggled to live life actively. Though she was not diagnosed with debilitating conditions until adulthood; it was not until after diagnoses, and even after having children, that she realized her lifelong fatigue, and lacking ability to perform motherhood duties, were validated. Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well is a real-life and cathartic blog focused on navigating the struggles of motherhood and chronic illness.