Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus – Part 1

Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus

I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting introduced to a wonderful organization, Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus. A nonprofit organization that is changing the way the health care community, pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, the general public and those living with lupus understand the disease, its diagnosis and its treatment. Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus is also dedicated to supporting people not only living with lupus, but a myriad of other autoimmune diseases, as a way to reach many more women, men, and children, suffering from the effects of such complicated conditions. Because autoimmune conditions are difficult to diagnose and treat, organizations like Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus are paving the way for more research, awareness and better treatment for all! Here is how you can get involved.

By mommyisntfeelingwell

Mommy has been battling chronic illness for most of her life and has always struggled to live life actively. Though she was not diagnosed with debilitating conditions until adulthood; it was not until after diagnoses, and even after having children, that she realized her lifelong fatigue, and lacking ability to perform motherhood duties, were validated. Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well is a real-life and cathartic blog focused on navigating the struggles of motherhood and chronic illness.