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Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well Website and Blog:

Are you a mommy who isn’t feeling well? Parenting is hard enough for a healthy person, but even harder for someone struggling with the compounding effects of chronic illness. My goal is to let you know that you are NOT alone!

Please join me on this long-awaited journey – launching my new website and blog, Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well!

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motherhood and chronic illness

By mommyisntfeelingwell

Mommy has been battling chronic illness for most of her life and has always struggled to live life actively. Though she was not diagnosed with debilitating conditions until adulthood; it was not until after diagnoses, and even after having children, that she realized her lifelong fatigue, and lacking ability to perform motherhood duties, were validated. Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well is a real-life and cathartic blog focused on navigating the struggles of motherhood and chronic illness.

2 replies on “Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well Launch!”

Bravo to you for taking the lead on this. It’s an important topic that presents an overwhelming number of barriers to parenting. I look forward to reading more. Also, hope to see a mix of resources/posts for coping with both physical and mental chronic illness.~S

Thank you so much for commenting Shantay! This website and blog have been an idea in the making for quite some time now, and I am THRILLED to finally get it going! Your support and kinds words are MUCH appreciated! And thank you for your suggestion regarding a mix of resources. I will definitely try and include as many resources as possible, in the hopes that I touch every aspect of both the physical and mental struggles that are associated with chronic illness! Take care of yourself and hope today is a good day! – Mommy Isn’t Feeling Well

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